[mythtv-users] Mythbuntu 9.10 slow UI

nospam312 nospam312 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 6 21:43:33 UTC 2009

> surprised at how slow the UI is. I experience 5-10s delays when changing
> screens on the default theme. I saw some posts indicating that the theme

Yes I have the same problem (previously posted on this).

Once the screen is loaded moving between the options seems ok but
going into a new menu is painfully slow.  I have NVIDIA drivers
installed etc.  It was slow enough that I have given up testing.  I
will stick with my current install of Mythbuntu 8.10 which does the
job albeit without the new MythTV.

The main thing I was hoping to be fixed hasn't been even though there
is a patch waiting to be applied (myth not playing last 4 seconds of
video).  If it is applied/fixed I may investigate further but
unfortunately it is way to slow due to the menu slowness to be used
without going insane at the moment.

If it isn't Myth causing the problem and a simple fix to Mythbuntu is
posted I may give it another try as I do remember getting a hang/crash
when selecting a menu option from LiveTV (may have been fixed going
off the commits list anyway).

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