[mythtv-users] OT: MB Temps w/ AMD785G Chipset

James Crow james at ultratans.com
Tue Oct 6 15:41:20 UTC 2009

Johnny wrote:
>> Are others running a system with an AMD 785G chipset and seeing the same
>> kind of temperatures?
> You might get more feedback if you can report your temps in C. Most
> manufactures give their specs in C not F so that is what most people
> are used to seeing reported. It looks like your temps fall in the
> range of 35  to 50 C. That is fairly normal and safe temps for a
> system under load.
> _______________________________________________
Here are the numbers again in Celsius

Before test:
MB - 34C - I had just finished installing some software so this might be 
higher than normal
CPU - 37C

During Test:
MB - 48C
CPU - 37C
sda - 51C

5 minutes after test completed:
MB - 31C
CPU - 37C
sda - 50C

The MB hitting 48C seems a little high. I need to install a discrete 
graphics card and test again. Other than that I am impressed with this 
setup so far.

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