[mythtv-users] UK - Weak signal since the retuning

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Tue Oct 6 11:03:01 UTC 2009

Damian wrote:
> Hello all,
> I think I did the retuning thing ok. Deleted all channels and scanned 
> for them again.
> However, we are now getting lots of stuttering, weird visual artefacts 
> and audio glitching when watching TV.
> Anyone else having this? Do we need to change the areal or something?
You may be having the same problem I get, in that you might be receiving signals 
from more than one transmitter.

I live in Newbury, Berks, and my aerial points a little east of south towards 
Hannington. However, I also get signal from Crystal Palace (due east) and Oxford 
(behind the aerial - go figure). The big problem for me is that the Oxford 
multiplexes are scanned first as they are lower frequencies.

So what I have to do is a full scan from within mythtv-setup, then examine the 
scan log. Using that together with the transport tables plus some web-fu I can 
figure out which are the Hannington multiplexes - since the transport editor 
comes without useful identifiers and is sorted in a weird order[1].

Once I'm satisfied with the good ones, I delete the unwanted ones in the 
transport editor (using 'D') and then do a 'scan using existing transports' to 
get a full list of usable channels.

Another thing that is worth you investigating is if the transmitter power for 
your location was changed at the point they moved the channels. I don't think 
the power levels are supposed to change until 2012 but you never know.

[1] Sorting in frequency order would help greatly. Adding the transmitter info, 
which I know is available as it is displayed in the scan log, would solve all 
these problems instantly.


Mike Perkins

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