[mythtv-users] OT: Antec LCD/VFD display and Zotac ION

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Sun Oct 4 23:19:48 UTC 2009

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> 2009/10/4 Dale Pontius <DEPontius at edgehp.net>:
>> Phil Wild wrote:
>>> Hello all,
>>> I am working through installing a Zotac ION into my existing Antec
>>> Fusion case. The LCD display appears to be powered by a 3pin cable
>>> wired into the standard 24 pin atx power plug. I have an A series ION
>>> that comes with the external power brick.
>>> The three pin connector has a black, red and purple wire connected
>>> into the ground, +5V and +5VSB.
>>> Would anyone have any suggestion as to how I could get the display to
>>> work? I don't care that I can not turn the unit on with the power
>>> button on the remote, I just want the display?
>>> Thanks
>>> Phil
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>> So you've got the power plugged in, I presume. There should also be a
>> USB connector, and possibly a molex power connecter, as well. (I don't
>> have the Zotac ION, just the VFD that came with the Antec Fusion, and
>> that's what came with it.) What other connectors do you have besides
>> the 3-pin power cable?
>> Dale
> Hi Dale,
> The display was a USB connector and a three wire cable that plugs into
> three wires that come from the 24 pin ATX connector that comes with
> the power supply in the Antec case. Ther is also the two wire power
> switch connector so that the display can power on the motherboard.
> As I have removed the Antec power supply from the case because the ION
> board has its own power brick/DC supply I have nowhere to take the
> feed from. I was thinking of running it from the hard drive connector
> but am concerned about just doing this without a little bit of
> additional knowledge.
> Cheers
> Phil

    I bought an Antec Multimedia station Premier that is powered the 
same way. It looks like it only grabs power from the 5V standby line 
(the purple wire).
My LCD only draws 100mA of current, so I jumpered it to the 5v line of 
the USB.

- Richard

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