[mythtv-users] problem whit my tuner

imprenta bs.as. imprentabsas at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 1 13:00:22 UTC 2009

Hi all, 
First of all i want to apology for my poor english and tell you i m just starting whit mythtv and linux :D

Im using mythtv in kubuntu
The problem is that i have an Ati TV Wonder pci, and card should work whit the bttv driver, but aparently my kernel loads saa7134, so i can t see tv in mythtv (i can see a /dev/video0 and create a card but can t see/record tv )
So i remove the wrong drivers and load bttv ("rmmod saa7134" and "modprobe bttv")
but when i enter Mythtv i can t fin any card

so the question is, i have to create a /dev/video0 device and vbi for my own? anyone can help me how to do this?

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