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Tue Nov 17 13:52:17 UTC 2009

 button = Power
 prog = irexec
 repeat = 0
 #config = sudo /usr/sbin/pm-suspend
 config = /home/mythtv/bin/


if [ "`pgrep xbmc`" ];then
        pkill -9 xbmc
        pkill -9 mythfrontend



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<br><br><div class=3D"gmail_quote">On 2 February 2010 11:19, Alessandro <sp=
an dir=3D"ltr">&lt;<a href=3D"mailto:alessandro.campobassi at">aless=
andro.campobassi at</a>&gt;</span> wrote:<br><blockquote class=3D"gm=
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04, 204, 204); padding-left: 1ex;">
Hi folks,<br>
I&#39;m having some sporadic issues with XBMC not quitting (locking up)<br>
when &#39;Quitting&#39; from the UI.<br>
I am running Mythbuntu 9.10 with 0.22 of MythTV.<br>
I have modified my mainmenu.xml to launch XBMC.<br>
Launching and running XBMC works just fine - however, every now and<br>
then when I choose the Shutdown option in XBMC and then choose the<br>
Shutdown icon (which is set to &#39;Quit&#39; in the XBMC system settings)<=
often it just freezes the screen and I can&#39;t return to MythtTV<br>
mainmenu (actually whole UI is frozen =A0- and need to kill the xbmc<br>
I tried the other options (Suspend etc) - but they always freeze the UI.<br=
<br></blockquote><div>[snip]<br><br>Looks like much the same way I&#39;m do=
ing it, and I don&#39;t have any issues, although I do tend to just kill XB=
MC.<br><br>Don&#39;t suppose it&#39;s relevant, but I launch it from a sepa=
rate shellscript (which I EXEC from the menu.), this is because I compiled =
XBMC from source and needed a newer version of the samba libs than comes wi=
th debian 5. (so I have to frob the LD_LIB_PATH for xbmc.)<br>
<br>I&#39;m also running /usr/share/xbmc/xbmc.bin, rather than /usr/local/b=
in/xbmc (which does exist), I&#39;m not sure why I&#39;m doing this but the=
re may have been a good reason, might be worth seeing if you have this file=
, and running that instead?<br>
<br>One other thing, do you have a power button spare on your remote? I hav=
e a media center remote with a &#39;PC&#39; power button on, I have this ma=
pped to a small script that kills mythfrontend. When I added xbmc I updated=
 this to pkill xbmc if it was running also, which saves me having to use th=
e &#39;poweroff&#39; option in XBMC.<br>
<br>From .lircrc<br><br>begin<br>=A0button =3D Power<br>=A0prog =3D irexec<=
br>=A0repeat =3D 0<br>=A0#config =3D sudo /usr/sbin/pm-suspend<br>=A0config=
 =3D /home/mythtv/bin/<br>end<br><br><br>then killfrontend.s=
if [ &quot;`pgrep xbmc`&quot; ];then<br>=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0 pkill -9 xbmc=
<br>else<br>=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0 pkill -9 mythfrontend<br>fi<br><br><br>HT=


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