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Tue Nov 17 13:52:17 UTC 2009

 * Original lirc_mceusb driver deprecated in favor of this driver, which
 * supports the 1st-gen device now too. Transmit and receive support for
 * the 1st-gen device added June-September 2009,
 * by Jarod Wilson <jarod at> and Patrick Calhoun <phineas at

> Remote support for all mce remotes has supposedly been rolled into
> this, but there is no mention if the older v1 types have blasting
> support yet. =A0That's my second question. =A0If not, that would explain
> why I cannot get it to work :)

See above.

> Threads elsewhere discuss the stability of the HDPVRs blaster
> function. =A0Just wondering if anyone is using it as either a blaster or
> receiver with stability?

Don't think so.

> I do not need a receiver, I have a HDHomeRun
> I can use as well as this mce device that receives just fine. =A0I know
> the steps to get it working, just did not want to have to maintain
> building modules when a kernel change occurs.. =A0And I did not want to
> run fedora - I know it is built into FC12, but barring rebuilding the
> live image with the hauppauge firmware included, it does not work
> anyhow, and I can load the OS and test it faster than that...

Um. What? You can download the firmware and drop it in place while
running the live image. It just won't hang around after a reboot,
since its cached in memory, not on disk. See section 6 here:

> Just looking for a "recommended" way to go with the hardware I have.
> Basically, if the mceusb is not going to blast on v1 units, then I
> need the HDPVR to do it. =A0If that is not plausible, I guess I will get
> a v2 mce setup...

The v1 mceusb device transmits just fine on both ports now.

Jarod Wilson
jarod at

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