[mythtv-users] Solved! -- What's the best way to restore a crashed MythTV 0.21 ?

Andrew Junev a-j at a-j.ru
Mon Nov 30 21:17:11 UTC 2009

Hello Michael,

Monday, November 30, 2009, 9:28:57 PM, you wrote:

>> P.S. Are there any recommendations on the Playback Profile settings
>> for an i915G integrated graphics with a 3-GHz Dual-Core Pentium CPU?

> I highly recommend Slim as the playback profile group for anyone who's
> just starting.  Those with sufficiently-powerful frontends can play with
> Normal or High Quality.  But, if you get playback issues when doing so,
> switch back to Slim.

> CPU++, CPU+ and CPU-- are almost never good choices.

"Normal" seem to work fine for me, although I didn't check it
intensively enough yet. Does it make any difference if I set
"Number of CPUs" = 2 (on a dual-core machine) in the playback profile
details? I did it, but didn't notice any performance or CPU load

Best regards,

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