[mythtv-users] Solved! -- What's the best way to restore a crashed MythTV 0.21 ?

Andrew Junev a-j at a-j.ru
Mon Nov 30 18:18:15 UTC 2009

Hello Michael,

Monday, November 30, 2009, 9:10:28 AM, you wrote:

>> I forgot to mention - I ran some script supplied with MySQL that
>> checks/updates the database to the new version... Don't remember the
>> script name, though...

> Likely mysql_upgrade

Yes, exactly! :)

>> Any ideas why I get no video while playing back something that is
>> already recorded?

> Playback profile problems?  Or video driver installation problems.  
> Almost definitely unrelated to database.  (Though, if your hostname 
> changed, it may just be that you're not using the settings you 
> previously configured for that host and stored in the database, so 
> you're getting all defaults--including the 
> poor-choice-of-playback-profile-group, CPU+.)

Ohh, bingo! Somehow I had CPU++ set in the profile. I changed that
to CPU+ and video seem to work fine now, including all previously
recorded programs!
I didn't check it with mplayer though, as I don't remember for sure
which videos weren't played back properly by mplayer... (ooops!) :)
Will check it later, as I'll be watching some movies from my archive.

Thanks a lot for your help!!!

P.S. Are there any recommendations on the Playback Profile settings
for an i915G integrated graphics with a 3-GHz Dual-Core Pentium CPU?

Best regards,

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