[mythtv-users] Broken 9.10 mythbuntu - questions

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Mon Nov 30 17:11:22 UTC 2009

On Monday 30 November 2009 10:02:03 am Jonno wrote:
> I need some advice. I had been running Mythbuntu 9.04 successfully for
> the past 7 months or so but since I upgraded to 9.10 I can't watch
> recordings or LiveTV for more than about 30 mins without a frame
> buffering issue causing a failure.
> If anyone can supply answers to the following questions then I hope it
> will help me either debug the problem or find a solution.
> 1. How can I check if there is a problem with the tuner card (pchdtv
> 5500)? I seem to get decent signal strength. Is there a utility I can
> use to test it? All my signals are ATSC OTA so are raw mpeg2 I think.
> I don't do any transcoding.

Can't say for sure, I have an HD-3000 not a 5500, but it works well with 
Kaffeine, using QAM signals from my cable system. The captures are 

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