[mythtv-users] Tuning problems with 0.22

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Mon Nov 30 12:27:20 UTC 2009

Mike Dent wrote:
> Hmm, I saw a post a while ago about adding the muxes manually (for
> Winter Hill), which I
> did try at one point but it found no channels at all with them.
>> The channel scanner in 0.22 saves previous scan information
>> (muxes/channels). This can be cleaned out by truncating the relevant
>> tables, but ISTR that you can clear this info out in the mythtv-setup
>> scanner GUI (away from machine at the moment, so cannot confirm this).
> Do you mean there is a different way other than deleting the channels
> from the 'Add Channels' screen?
I've done this with Hannington (Berks/Hants border). You can add the muxes 
manually from within the "sources" screens (off the top of my head). I got the 
numbers from internet resources - which seem to have changed since I last 
mentioned them here.

My recommendation - do a *full* scan, then go to the Transport Editor and make a 
note of all the frequencies found - in frequency order, which is not the way 
they are displayed. Then find out by using google/whatever which frequencies are 
emitted by your transmitter of choice. Go back to the Transport Editor and 
highlight each frequency you do *not* want, then hit 'D' to delete it[1]. Now, 
you should have left only the muxes (transports) you require. Now come out of 
the Transport Editor and do a "scan of existing transports only". This should 
pull only the channels you need.

[1] I have found that some of the frequencies may differ slightly from those 
published. You are really only interested in the first 3 digits as an 
identifier. If this gives you less-than-optimal results, try deleting all 
transports and then adding them one by one by selecting "scan single transport" 
where you will get asked to enter a frequency plus a whole load of stuff you can 
mostly default. I did find this necessary during the Great Frequency Changeover. 
Doing it this way means you can verify each mux as you go, leaving others intact.


Mike Perkins

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