[mythtv-users] Single WD GP disk fast enough for live 720p?

Mark Garland mythtvusers at markgarland.co.uk
Mon Nov 30 10:11:09 UTC 2009

> I have the 1-TB version, and it is fine as the sole disk for my combined
> BE+FE, with 2 DVB-T tuners and 1 DVB-S tuner.

Snap, for 3xDVB-T tuners.  No issues here.
I tend to just schedule one job at once and at low CPU to keep the I/O down.

Last night for example, the missus was watching some SD from it, it was
recording two things and commsflagging, and still managed to give me
8mbyte/s when copying from it over the network.  When idle, it's more like

One small point to note - do some research about the head parking/spinning
down functions on the green drives.  Some say it shortens the life, others
say it's all FUD.  I've disabled mine and never had an issue with heat/noise
and my eldest 1TB drive is about 8mths old.



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