[mythtv-users] Tuning problems with 0.22

Mike Dent mcdent at gmail.com
Sun Nov 29 11:50:17 UTC 2009

I'm retuning my newly rebuilt 0.22 mythtv fe/backend. This was
originally a 0.21 which I took a backup of the DB, fresh install and
restored the DB.
I don't *think* that has anything to do with it but thought I'd give
you the background in case.

I live in an area served by a repeater from Winter Hill. The repeater
is called 'Lancaster' but is a few miles from my house, also we live
a dip with several high buildings in that direction. For that reason
many (including me) round here beam direct towards Winter Hill.

When I've done a retune in the past I've noticed I often seem top pick
up channels which are weak and broken up, my understanding is that
are probably from the repeater and not in fact Winter Hill. To get
round this in the past I used to delete the channels and start another
full scan.
I'm sure there is a better way but for the amount of times I needed to
retune, it seemed to work.

Now with the new system I decided to delete all the channels, delete
the transports (via mythtv-setup) and start afresh.

What happens now each time I do a tune is that after it has finished,
15 mins or so, I end up with about '157 confilicting DVB channels'.
If I want to add these I must go through each one and give it a new
channel number?
However before I begun I made sure there were no existing channels? Do
I need to do some kind of database magic and delete these?

I'm still not sure if I will then end up picking up channels from the
Lancaster repeater too?

Is there a sure-fire way that I should do the tuning?

I have 2 x Nova-T PCI cards in the myth box. I assume I do not need to
do a separate tune on each card?

I'm also looking to add a dual tuner USB stick to the mix but I
thought I should get this setup working first. When I need to add
that, must
I tune that separately?

Thanks for any information.


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