[mythtv-users] mythnuv2mkv job queue error on some recordings

Bobby Gill brownitus at gmail.com
Sun Nov 29 00:42:58 UTC 2009

> Bob, Ignore the PATH error, this is the only error that the myth backend
> can and will report for any failure of a job script. (I just checked the
> latest myth source and this situation has changed but I won't update the
> script until majority are on 0.22)
> You need to look in the mythnuv2mkv log file for the actual problem.
> This is LOGBASEDIR/mythnuv2mkvPID.log where LOGBASEDIR is a variable in
> the script, defaults to /var/tmp and PID is the Process ID of the
> script. You can get the PID from the System Status Job Queue or Log
> Entries screens as [PID]. However I find the easiest way is do a
> "ls -lrt /var/tmp/mythnuv2mkv*log" and the most recent
> mythnuv2mkv{PID}.log will be at the end. (ls -lrt is a long listing
> ordered by reverse time).
> Auric

Thanks a bunch Auric, I did the ls and just cat'd the few most recent,
here's one that error'd:

тт> cat /var/tmp/mythnuv2mkv7613.log
28/11,15:35 [7613] INFO Changed to high quality.
28/11,15:35 [7613] INFO Changed to avi,lavc.
28/11,15:35 [7613] INFO 1054 20090516120000 matches Good Eats   Kinda Blue
(Blueberry) (/media/myth//1054_20090516120000.mpg)
28/11,15:36 [7613] INFO 480i or 480p 720x480 NA 4:3 (Found in Channel)
29.970 FPS Audio Rate 48000 Channels 2
28/11,15:36 [7613] INFO Crop to 704:464:8:8. Scale to 528x400.
28/11,15:36 [7613] INFO Deinterlace filter added.
28/11,15:36 [7613] INFO If progressive this is wrong use --deinterlace=NO.
28/11,15:36 [7613] INFO You may need Invtelecine rather than Deinterlace.
(--deinterlace=NO --invtelecine=YES).
28/11,15:36 [7613] INFO Video Encoder: mencoder -idx
/var/tmp/mythnuv2mkv7613/vidout -demuxer rawvideo -rawvideo
w=720:h=480:fps=29.970              -audiofile
/var/tmp/mythnuv2mkv7613/audout -audio-demuxer rawaudio -rawaudio
rate=48000:channels=2              -ovc lavc -lavcopts
-passlogfile /var/tmp/mythnuv2mkv7613/2pass.log             -oac mp3lame
-lameopts vbr=2:br=256             -vf
pp=fd,softskip,crop=704:464:8:8,scale=528:400,harddup -sws 7
-aspect 1.333333333 -force-avi-aspect 4:3 -o /dev/null.
28/11,15:36 [7613] START Starting lavc 1st video pass trans of
/media/myth//1054_20090516120000.mpg. vbr 1173 abr 256.
28/11,15:36 [8039] INFO Starting monitoring process.
28/11,15:36 [7613] ERROR Skipping /media/myth//1054_20090516120000.mpg.
Problem with 1st video pass of 2.
28/11,15:36 [7613] INFO Exiting. Errored.
28/11,15:36 [7613] ERROR This error could be for many reasons. Mythtv will
report unable to find executable, this is incorrect.
тт[ 19:40 ][ ~ ]

I can't really gather what the problem is here from the output?

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