[mythtv-users] How to set up multiple tuners with different channels?

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Sat Nov 28 23:24:48 UTC 2009

Matt Emmott wrote:
> My setup consists of two backends: My master backend uses an HDHomeRun 
> for its two tuners, and my slave backend (which has just been rebuilt 
> and not put back into service yet) uses an HD-PVR attached to a digital 
> STB. My cable service is Charter digital. My HDHR only tunes a handful 
> of unencrypted channels, while my STB can tune a few hundred SD and HD 
> channels.  I've set up my HDHR and removed or moved each incorrect / 
> blank channel so that my channel numbers match up to those on my STB 
> (786 = Fox HD, etc). I'd now like to set up my other BE and mash the 
> tuners together into one happy Myth sandwich. However I've had some 
> issues doing this in the past and was hoping for some guidance.
> The last time I tried this, I figured I could set up two sources, both 
> relying on the same SchedulesDirect lineup. However, this resulted in 
> duplicate channel numbers in the program guide and a general mess. My 
> feeling is that as it stands now, the channel source I've set up only 
> has the HDHR channels in it, so if I point my HD-PVR to this source it 
> will be missing hundreds of channels. Is this correct?
> I tend to use mythweb to edit channels, but I noticed in MythTV-setup 
> that there's a field to tie a channel to a particular Video source. If I 
> went the dual source route, I could append a .1 to each HDHR channel and 
> tie those .1 channels to only the HDHR's source. It's a messy workaround 
> that I'd like to avoid if possible but is it plausible? Or is there an 
> easy fix that I'm not aware of?

The rule is that every SOURCE contains ONLY the channels which the 
tuner(s) attached to that source can tune.
Otherwise, myth will attempt to record some channel using a tuner which 
cannot actually do it.

In your case, you have a set of channels which can be recorded through 
the HDHR and another set of channels which require the STB+HDPVR combo.

You need TWO sources.

If there are some channels which are actually available twice (that is, 
available through either tuner setup) then you will have to treat those 
particular channels as if they were completely different. Give them 
different numbers (and treat them as if you could get the same network 
feed, ABC or NBC for example, on 2 different channels.) Then YOU will 
have to choose which channel to record a show on: you choose the tuner 
by choosing the channel.

And NO, your two sources CANNOT rely on the same Schedules Direct 
lineup. What you really want is lineups which contain unique channel 
sets, without overlap. As noted sometimes it cannot be set up that way.


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