[mythtv-users] Successful upgrades

Dave Richardson mythtv at derdev.com
Sat Nov 28 22:53:06 UTC 2009

> 2009/11/9 Richard Morton <richard.e.morton at gmail.com>:
>> Hi There,
>> I am looking for reports of successful upgrades from Mythbunutu 9.04
>> to Mythbuntu 9.10. There have been a few posts where people have been
>> having problems and many reports of nice installs where the install
>> was fresh. So... I am looking to upgrade - now F1 season is over...
>> but the WAF wont allow for an outage due to X-Factor.... doh...
>> really!
>> So I am looking for a few reports of successful upgrades with
>> mythbuntu; a list of known issues and an indication of the time I
>> should allow for the upgrade (duration of expected outage).
>> We have a: Asus P5Q with Q6600
>> Asus NVidia 8500gt 1gb using svideo output
>> 4gb ram
>> Nova-T 500
>> OS HD 40GB
>> Media HD 1.5tb EXT3 mounted on /var/lib/mythtv
>> using MythWeb, MythMusic, MythVideo
>> runs samba, monit and a few other services.
>> mythtvfs
>> Unfortunately I dont have enough equipment to build a dev box - I am
>> however considering installing a fresh OS HD.
>> secondary remote frontend SP13000 using xvmc 512mb, booted off a USB
>> running 9.10 running myth0.21
>> This is not a slight at the devs and package creators; I am sure that
>> there are many successful upgrades but I just want reassurance and a
>> bit of an idea regarding duration.
>> Really looking forward to trying out 0.22
>> Thanks
>> Rich
> Your caution is definitely wise. I waited a couple of weeks and then
> went for it. It was originally a fresh mythbuntu 9.04, Nova-T 500
> tuner. Upgrade to mythbuntu 9.10 (i.e. includes mythtv 0.21=>0.22)
> went extremely smoothly. It was a pretty clean system in the first
> place but still, there were quite a lot of users who seemed to have
> quirks with their upgrade so I was prepared for worse :) A couple of
> points of note:
>  * Mythfrontend when idle uses a lot more cpu in 0.22. it's a known
> phenomenon, and no-one ever said that it wouldn't use more cpu (!) but
> it's worth being aware of (likely to be better in 0.23). See the long
> email thread about cpu usage if that's important to you.
>  * The default theme seems to have changed, and whatever theme it was
> before (i never changed it from the default) seems to have gone. There
> are some really nice polished-looking ones now. The 'mythbuntu' one is
> great IMO.
>  * My remote control stopped working, simply because the file that
> describes it had moved from
> /usr/share/lirc/remotes/hauppauge/lircd.conf.hauppauge_novat500 to
> /usr/share/lirc/extras/more_remotes/hauppauge/lircd.conf.hauppauge_novat500
> - so I had to edit /etc/lirc/lircd.conf and update the path. Some
> buttons also needed updating so I had to tweak my ~/.lircd/mythtv file
> a little bit.
> Remember to back up your db before upgrading, that's really important
> but some people seem not to bother, and then if it goes wrong they're
> stuffed (ish).
> Dan

I attempted to upgrade mythbuntu 9.04 on both the backend and the
frontend.  Frontend failed ugly with some sort of hardware detection issue
that I didn't feel like fighting.  (IONITX 330 a-u)  Straight install over
that worked pretty good.  Added the Avenard .deb/apt sources to uplift the
NVidia driver to 195, had a learning with Alsa, system is working better
than ever.

I don't recall the backend problem I had but it was db related.  I could
have tried all the recovery advice, but was at a position where it was
easier to blow that away as well.

FE and BE came up fine on fresh mythbuntu 9.10 installs.  Compliments to
the chefs!!!!!

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