[mythtv-users] Dell Inspiron 537s?

j2u4 j2u4 j2u44u at gmail.com
Sat Nov 28 19:33:36 UTC 2009

I'm looking for a single slender box (maybe even mini-itx) that can serve as
a BE and dual FE (powering 2 tvs, dual tuners). One TV is HD 1080p, the
other is SD.

Does this look like it might have the goods, assuming I added an Nvidia with
PureVideo HD (or two - or maybe use the built-in intel GMA x4500 for the SD,
and an Nvidia for the HD)?

Or, am I trying too hard? Should I just go with a Zotac ION N330? Or maybe
two N230s, one for each TV?

Is anyone running a single box as BE/dualFE, and what's that experience

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