[mythtv-users] HD-PVR: Encoding Errors Running 0.22

Alan Young ayoung at teleport.com
Sat Nov 28 17:39:13 UTC 2009

David Engel wrote:
> On Thu, Nov 26, 2009 at 06:11:10PM -0500, Derek & Cindi Cass wrote:
>> This leads me to a question: do you leave your HD-PVR on 24/7, or do you
>> power it on when needed?  I find that I have to power cycle the HD-PVR when
>> these errors polling errors crop up en masse.  I was thinking of using an IR
>> blaster to power on and off the HD-PVR when necessary with MythTv (assuming
>> that I can set up Myth to power on the HD-PVR when a show is to be
>> recorded).
> I leave mine on 24/7.  My polling errors are almost always single
> events that happen seemingly randomly about 1-2 times per hour.  I
> have had a couple of instances where the polling errors occured
> constantly for a 5 minutes or so, but those have by been the
> exception.
> I don't think you can power cycle the hdpvr via IR.

I noticed that always polling thing too when I had hdpvr_debug messages turned 
on in the driver.  It reminded me of a post I thought I saw in Hauppauge's UK 
forum about idling the device in windows.  I need to try to find that again, 
maybe it needs to be applied in the linux drivers or mythtv.

I've mine on all the time too.  AFAIK, you can't power cycle it with the IR 
receiver or over the USB bus.  I've been thinking about setting up something 
to power cycle the hdpvr with a IR controlled power plug.  The problem that I 
see is that the backend always seem to have the device open even when it's not 
recording.  So you have to take the backend down which could interfere with 
other tasks.


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