[mythtv-users] HD file playback

Ronald Frazier ron at ronfrazier.net
Sat Nov 28 12:52:03 UTC 2009

>    I have had problems with (BD) movies where the English language track
> is in TrueHD. My package copy of mplayer won't play those tracks at all
> and my trunk build of the internal player just yields a lot of screeching.

So far, in my limited experiments with BluRay, I haven't seen any TrueHD.

>    Although the internal player is fine with DTS-HD.

It is? I get nothing but silence. I wonder why that is. Are you on
0.21 still? I wonder if I forgot a compile option or library.

Well, actually now that I go back and look, the audio track consists
of DTS Master Audio and that contains a core audio subtrack. I've been
ripping just the DTS Master Audio track and not the core subtrack, and
that's what didn't work. Looking up the wiki page on DTS Master Audio,
it appears the core track is a lossy audio track for players that
don't support the master track. I'm wondering if you've got both and
it's just falling back to the core track. I guess I should probably
give that a try.

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