[mythtv-users] Rebuild with new frontend and upgraded backend.

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Fri Nov 27 18:00:43 UTC 2009

On 11/27/2009 06:48 AM, Mike Dent wrote:
> 2009/11/27 Nick Morrott:
>> 2009/11/26 Mike Dent:
>>> So after some great advice and reading on this list I bought one of
>>> the Linux Acer Revo  3610 Atom 330's. I bought a new 1TB disk for the
>>> back end too.
>>> I also want to add a dual USB tuner which I have bought.
>>> I'm wondering what the best way to approach this is. Do I:-
>>> a) Attempt to upgrade  the 8.04 backend to 8.10 to 9.04 and 9.10 then
>>> install 9.10 on the Revo?
>>> b) Attempt to backup the Myth database and files on the backend and do
>>> a clean install of 9.10 on it, and install 9.10 on the Revo
>>> c) Wipe the whole backend and install 9.10 and start fresh with 0.22 on both
>>> d) Something else?
>>> If I go with a) I guess I will have to upgrade Myth as in b) anyway.
>>> I've read about a few problems with the upgrade on the list, thats why
>>> I wonder if I should
>>> cut my losses and go for a fresh Myth install like c) ?
>> How important is your recording history (and to a lesser degree,
>> recording rules to you)? To me at least, that would dictate whether I
>> continued to use the existing database or started completely afresh.

IMHO, there's no reason to start with a new database.  Especially if you 
have existing recordings you plan to keep.

>>  I
>> would almost always choose option (b) unless the DB was completely
>> lost,

Right, a broken DB is the only real reason to start new--and even then, 
you should be able to use a partial restore to restore the 
not-recreatable data.

Starting with a new distro install (versus upgrade), though, is a whole 
different matter I'll leave to others with more knowledge/experience 
(such as Nick).

> I'm wondering if I should do as you suggest, backup dbase etc and do a
> fresh install.
> What kind of performance hit would I see by keeping the recordings and
> operating system on the same physical
> disk?

Same disk isn't that much of a problem.  Same file system is bad.

> I've seen people say this is a "no no".
> If I won't loose much performance, I could use my new 1TB disk for the
> install and recordings.
> Then once I have restored things from the 'old' disks, I could check
> these thoroughly and if they are ok I can
> add them to the system for additional recording space etc.

Having separate disks is always nice.  Generally, I use my smallest 
drive as the drive containing the partition containing the root file 
system and the file system with the DB data.  Then, whatever "extra" 
space I have I use as a partition with a separate file system mounted 
such that one of its subdirectories is the last directory in my storage 
group directory list and then I just keep it full (i.e. move other 
recordings to that directory to fill the hard drive) so it's never 
really used as a recording drive--just a playback drive.

If you have an old 13GB HDD or whatever, you could set it up as the root 
file system and DB file system, then use the 1TB for recordings, then 
after checking your other drives, either move the new install on the 
10GB to another drive or just keep using it.

If not, at least make sure you either partition the 1TB drive to get 
different file systems or at least plan to move the root/DB off the 1TB 
drive as soon as possible.

Just my opinion/recommendation.  FWIW.


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