[mythtv-users] HD file playback

Ronald Frazier ron at ronfrazier.net
Fri Nov 27 13:24:29 UTC 2009

> Mythbuntu installed and running well but when I want to play HD files
> (m2ts or ts) the video plays perfectly but there is no audio. Also no
> audio with Matroska container files.

My first guess is that you don't have myth built to handle AC3 audio.
I originally had this problem with downloading TV shows in mkv format.
Some would have audio, some wouldn't. Eventually realized it was AC3
audio that didn't work. There were tricks to getting it working. As I
recall (and I can go check my notes if you need more details) I had to
download the faad source and build it with a custom option, then
recompile myth.

My second guess is...you mention m2ts, which is what BluRay movies
use. I started playing with these recently, and the audio is in DTS-HD
format, which apparently myth 0.21 doesn't handle (but I think I read
that 0.22 does). To get it working in myth, I have to convert it to
AC3 audio.

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