[mythtv-users] Custom Rules - BUG?

Joe Wilson wilson.joe at gmail.com
Fri Nov 27 00:43:01 UTC 2009

What I mean by large custom recording rules.
When I create a custom recording rule, its very long


AND program.stars >= 0.5 AND
program.title NOT LIKE %Christmas% AND program.title NOT LIKE %Holiday%
AND program.category NOT LIKE %Christmas% AND program.category NOT LIKE

But I think I had alot more lines in it..

what happened when typing in Mythfrontend is the hard drive would get really
busy as the line
got longer making it impossible to type and then it would completely
crash... When I went back
in to the frontend all all schedules and upcoming recording had
disappeared... The rules would
still appear in the Custom rules but not in any other location..

I optimized the database, and checked for errors, but the problem still
I had restarted the computer a few times also...  I don't know why but it
adventually reappeared
after a few shutdowns..
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