[mythtv-users] [ATrpms-users] Updated from fedora 10 to 12 and have issues with nvidia driver loading

Jarod Wilson jarod at wilsonet.com
Thu Nov 26 17:46:20 UTC 2009

On 11/26/2009 12:08 PM, Gabe Rubin wrote:
> As many pointed out, adding  "nouveau.modeset=0" at the end of the
> kernel line in grub.conf is the solution.  I also specified a VGA
> mode, but that caused more problems so I changed that to "vga=normal".
>   Not sure if a vga argument is needed.

Its not. And nouveau.modeset=0 isn't strictly required. If you have the 
nouveau module blacklisted, a newly built initrd won't include the 
nouveau module, and you can boot w/o any extra params.

> I guess I will need to add this to the kernel line each time I upgrade
> the kernel.

No. The kernel update mechanism is bright enough to carry args from your 
existing grub stanza to the new one.

However, as I said above, if nouveau is blacklisted, a newly created 
initrd (including the one that'll be created when you install a new 
kernel) won't have have the nouveau module in it, and thus won't need 
the param anyway.

> Also strange, it appears that atrpms script write to
> /etc/modprobe.conf to specify the driver version when that has been
> depreciated and it should go into /etc/modprobe.d/local.conf.

Or better yet, /etc/modprobe.d/<somethingunique>.conf.

> This seems like such a big deal and really surprised that it was so
> hard to figure out (I did not see it in the release notes and my
> googling did not show it, although obviously others were able to
> figure it out).

Its pretty well covered in the rpm fusion wiki, not sure if its spelled 
out in the ATrpms docs anywhere. Its definitely NOT covered in the 
Fedora docs, because, well, it has to do with a binary-only driver that 
Fedora doesn't ship.

> I personally don't think that fedora should make it
> this difficult to run the nvidia drive and attempt to impose the
> nouveau driver upon users.

Um. I'm not even sure where to begin with a reply to this. Fedora ships 
a functional driver that Just Works, complete with kernel mode setting, 
dual-head support, etc, and that shouldn't be "imposed" on people? And 
the Fedora project is supposed to do what exactly to make it as easy as 
possible for you to install a 3rd-party binary-only driver?

Jarod Wilson
jarod at wilsonet.com

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