[mythtv-users] mythtv-status stopped showing up in motd

Richard Morton richard.e.morton at gmail.com
Thu Nov 26 11:58:27 UTC 2009

If myth-status isn't being run on cron; won't that affect mythweb status
info? I.e. mythsweb status info will only be updated when someone logs in
via ssh?
Just a thought/ question?

Please excuse brevity and mistakes, this email was composed on a mobile

Thanks and regards,
Richard Morton

On 26 Nov 2009 02:26, "Johnny" <jarpublic at gmail.com> wrote:

> For everytime you login.  This should use the settings configured in >
/etc/default/mythtv-status ...
Wow, thanks for all of the info. I went ahead and went with this fix
to run each time I log in. The time difference isn't even noticeable
to me, and it gives me the most accurate info. Thanks again for the
detailed info on a fix.

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