[mythtv-users] why change db stuff with every version change?

Johnny jarpublic at gmail.com
Thu Nov 26 01:45:59 UTC 2009

> Like Dale, I also have multiple frontends and one just b/e. And one of
> the F/E went with karmic koala (ubuntu 9.10, 0.22) and it can no
> longer work with my hardy (8.04) backend since my b/e is 0.21.
> an annoyance indeed.
> i am not yet ready to upgrade my backend, and my other f/e clients to 0.22.
> i am not sure whether i can bring just the b/e db schema upto the
> "mark for 0.22 f/e client" while leaving the ver as it is at 0.21. is
> this even possible? any guidance will be appreciated. (pls note, i
> will have 0.21, 0.22  f/e clients)

Are you guys serious? You want the devs to spend their time figuring
out how to ensure interoperability between major revisions and then
write all the necessary code so that you can do a partial upgrade?
This is ridiculous. If you don't want to upgrade, then don't upgrade
anything. If you want to upgrade then upgrade everything. But
expecting the devs to make sure you can shoehorn a .22 frontend into
working with an older backend is unreasonable. The requirements are
not made arbitrarily. They aren't just incrementing a number. The
database is actually different. The code changed, that is why it is a
new version. The new features require changes in the way the machines
communicate and the way they store data. For much of this there simply
isn't a counterpart in .21.

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