[mythtv-users] Recording only a few episodes , but not miss a part 2 etc..

Joe Wilson wilson.joe at gmail.com
Thu Nov 26 01:21:21 UTC 2009

When setting the # of recordings of a particular  show, there runs the
chance of a 2 or more part's of an episode and one of them not
ending up recorded. I was wondering if there was a means of getting around
this. Possibly a custom priority setting
that would be able to know if there was two or more episodes with the same
subtitle & title but check for a difference in the description
or even check for difference between all three?   I guess there is alot of
ways of going back doing this but before I jump in I was wondering
if anyone had any suggestions.. and this way I can set things up for only a
few recordings of given shows but not run the chance of
not getting the the whole thing.
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