[mythtv-users] why change db stuff with every version change?

Dale Pontius DEPontius at edgehp.net
Wed Nov 25 20:53:08 UTC 2009

Robin Hill wrote:
> What's preventing you updating all the backends/frontends anyway?  It's
> not like there's embedded systems which will need replacing at large
> cost, it's just a software update.
Most of my Myth machines are Gentoo, But there are 2 Ubuntu machines in
the house.  As far as I can tell, neither has released 0.22 to "stable"
yet, but I've no doubt that they will do so at different times.  As of
now, I just plan to have some time when the Ubuntu machines can't run
the Myth frontend.

I don't see that as a big problem, just a minor annoyance.

Right now I'm far more concerned about the database conversion.  At
various times I've come across Gentoo messages telling me to do this or
that to my database and/or /etc/mysql/my.cnf.  I know that at least once
I've had to drop and reload the database.  Right now I'm fearing that
I've got a bad case of "partial corruption", as  some have put it, and
that it won't show up until the first time I fire up 0.22.


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