[mythtv-users] Disable XFCE Volume Daemon and Volume Control in Mythbuntu 9.10 to fix some audio problems

Johnny jarpublic at gmail.com
Tue Nov 24 23:10:24 UTC 2009

I had a group of problems that I think others may be having, and I
figured out a solution so I thought I would share. This started when I
updated to Mythbuntu 9.10. I am just using analog stereo output
controlled with the volume controlled by mythtv. These are the
symptoms I was seeing: a black non-mythtv volume OSD would
occasionally popup when I started watching a recording (especially
right after reboot), volume muted on some of my channels (front,
master, or both) that can only be fixed by manually changing the xfce
volume controller, and mythfrontend wouldn't start automatically at
boot (I think it was crashing). I fixed all of these by doing the

going to Xfce 4 Settings Manger -> Session and Startup -> Application
Autostart and then unchecking XFCE Volume Daemon and Volume Control
then restarting GDM

Volume Control adds the little volume applet in the notification area.
I don't know what XFCE Volume Daemon is but it was apparently a recent
addition and I think it is responsible for the extra OSD popups.

I hope this helps somebody else. It has been driving me crazy for a
few weeks now.

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