[mythtv-users] Hidden Silicon Dust channel guide wonderfulness

Dan Wilga mythtv-users2 at dwilga-linux1.amherst.edu
Tue Nov 24 21:16:03 UTC 2009

At 1:22 PM -0500 11/24/09, Eric Sharkey wrote:
>  > 1. The data might be days or weeks out-of-date, since it's generated
>  > automatically by users' own HDHRs.
>How is this possible (automatic generation)?  I thought the whole
>point of scte65scan and such was that the HDHR has no reliable method
>for determining the call sign of the station at a given frequency.

That's another thing to consider :-). For OTA, the data contained in 
the stream is pretty reliable, but for cable I'd imagine they 
probably also include data from Gemstar in some form or other.

My point is that the very presence of a listing (and a channel) is 
predicated upon there being a user who receives the channel and 
leaves the feature to send data to SiliconDust enabled.
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