[mythtv-users] Slightly OT: Simplest way of playing HD .mkv's/.avi's on a TV?? (Out of the loop about FEs, help!)

Steve Reilly sfreilly at roadrunner.com
Tue Nov 24 19:58:26 UTC 2009

Bobby Gill wrote:
> A friend of mine just bought an HD TV and I do all his computer tech
> support as it is, so I'm looking for a way by which he can play video
> files directly on the TV (no DVD/disc preferentially). I know there are
> DVD players that are "DiVX compatible" but most of my stuff is HD .mkv
> content, and we'll both be using the TV, but when I'm not around I need
> the /simplest/ way for him to watch what he wants.
> The way I see it:
> a) He has a laptop (brand new, we bought it about a week ago), and of
> course they only have the VGA input so would this make sense to pop
> files onto the laptop and do a TV OUT to watch? Wouldn't a VGA->HDMI
> connection cut quality? I am just guessing this isn't the /optimal/
> method, but I could be wrong.
> b) Preferred solution: A simple device I can purchase that will store
> video files and allow for him to directly plug his TV in via HDMI,
> select the video file desired and watch it, bada boom bada bang?
> I admit I have barely glanced at threads on the list pertaining to ION,
> atom, etc. frontends and if any of these are reasonably priced
> ($100-$250 range?) and can do what I'm asking here, then great,
> appreciate any recommendations.
> P.S. It's fine if the device runs via linux, I can surely set up
> everything and maintain it if need be, but of course the MAIN thing here
> is that the interface and viewing experience is pretty simple. I don't
> know if this is getting into "build a myth BE/FE" territory or not,
> though I'd rather avoid that as again, this guy needs coaching on how to
> select the right disc with his multi-disc receiver, heh...
> Thanks fellas
> Bob

If they arent "myth" capable sounds like maybe all you need is a NAS
hanging on his network to store everything.  throw xbmc or boxee on the
 laptop and connect it via vga to the tv, a nice media center remote and
their all set.  of course im assuming both the hdtv and lappy have a vga
port or svideo, most do, that ive dealt with anyway.  if not, adapters
are cheap.

Steve Reilly


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