[mythtv-users] mirobridge does not update recordings watch list with ezRSS channels?

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Tue Nov 24 09:51:13 UTC 2009


I just found out about the mirobridge and must say that it is great! I've set it up and it works great. Downloading my favorite shows automaticaly brings me to a world where I am actually considering of canceling my cable subscription. 

There is just one problem that I am experiencing. I use ezRSS to get my shows. Downloading works fine and I can watch my shows via a symlink in mythvideo. Unfortunately the shows are not added to my watch recordings screen. When running mirobridge I can see that it downloads all video's but upon completion it shows me this status report:

2009-11-24 09:15:13,407 INFO     There are no Miro watched items to add to MythVideo
2009-11-24 09:15:13,428 - mirobridge - INFO - Miro Bridge Processing completed
2009-11-24 09:15:13,428 INFO     Miro Bridge Processing completed
Startup success.

Getting details on un-watched Miro videos
State                Size       Name

Getting details on watched/saved Miro videos
State                Size       Name

Shutting down...

Number of Watch Recording's watched...... (    0)
Number of Miro videos marked as seen..... (    0)
Number of Miro videos deleted............ (    0)
Number of New Miro videos downloaded..... (    0)
Number of Miro/MythVideo's removed....... (    0)
Number of Miro/MythVideo's added......... (    0)
Number of Miro videos copies to MythVideo (    0)
Total Unwatched Miro/Watch Recordings.... (    0)
Total Miro/MythVideo videos to expire.... (    0)
Total Miro/MythVideo videos.............. (    0)

When firing up Miro and viewing my videos I can see that I have about 34 unwatched items, unfortunately mirobridge does not see these...?

I found this limitation on the wiki and am wondering if this causes the problem.

"Miro Bridge will not integrate with MythTV any video that Miro downloaded via a torrent source. This was done because of legal concerns and to be consistent with MythTV policy. Unfortunately this also includes torrents from legal sources."

source: http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/MiroBridge#Miro_Bridge_limitations

Can someone confirm me if my assumption of the limitation is correct? And if so, are there any means on removing this limitation?

Regards, Youri
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