[mythtv-users] What flavor of Linux are you using?

Manuel McLure manuel at mclure.org
Tue Nov 24 00:39:22 UTC 2009

On Mon, Nov 23, 2009 at 3:36 PM, Mark Knecht <markknecht at gmail.com> wrote:
> Manual,
>   Thanks. I hadn't considered the --onlydeps flag. That should be
> good, but it's not addressing the real issue I'm worried about. It's
> my understanding that I cannot use the 0.22 backend with my 0.21
> frontends. Assuming that's true I have to rebuild the backend, then
> build 1 of my 4 frontends. If I run into problems then I run the risk
> of not being able to take the backend back to 0.21. Granted, I should
> and will do backups before
> I start the upgrade, but if I run into a problem then this whole
> process ends up taking a week and the family isn't happy with me.
>   I love the stability of Gentoo but doing a multi-machine upgrade is
> going to require a high degree of focus...

Yeah - I have only the one system (dedicated/combined FE/BE) so it
wasn't as much a hassle as I can see it being for your setup. That
said, the biggest problem I had with my upgrade was the database
character set issue. I did shut down mysql and make a backup of the
whole /var/lib/mysql directory as well as doing the SQL-based backup
of the mythconverg database before even starting the upgrade process,
and I also did a quickpkg of mythtv-0.21 so if things went really
south I could return to the original configuration. Luckily, none of
that was necessary :) I just finished doing a "emerge --depclean" to
remove all the dependencies of 0.21 that are not needed any more :)
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