[mythtv-users] For HD Myth users, what is/was your cost?

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Mon Nov 23 23:33:01 UTC 2009

On Monday 23 November 2009 16:08:00 MarcT wrote:
> I am curious what the total cost is/was for you to get everything up and
> running (asides from time, which depending on whom you are may be the
> priciest...).
> So for example, an HD capture card, a capable backend, the frontend(s) of
> course, the subscription to a provider and/or an antenna-- and if an
> antenna, did you do it yourself? Order it online, buy from a shop, hire
> someone to install, etc.? Not necessarily asking for the life story but
> some brief explanation of the components as I'm really trying to get a
> gauge on what entering this arena may cost me, and whether it's /worth/ it
> or not...
> Thanks a lot
> Bob
> Bob,
> This would be hard for me as prices have probably changed over the years.
> Initially I had an SD box with a PVR-350 and 500.
> When the broadcast flag was being threatened I purchased a PCHDTV HD-3000
> for $99.99 when it came out. This was a big purchase for me at the time as
> I was not making a lot of money.
> A few years later as more shows I wanted to watch were on the Clear QAM
> channels I purchased 2 HD-5000's. Again for $99.99 I think.
> A few months later I decided to remove the HD-3000 from the equation and
> replace it with a 3rd HD-5000 (another $99.99), as getting it to play with
> the HD-5000 and the PVR 350 and 500 was a bit of a chore.
> At the same time I revamped my setup to include more drives (6 total) and a
> more powerful PSU (old one could not supply for all the drives) to my
> backend and a bigger case to house all the drives, not sure of the cost
> then.

I didn't buy an HD-capable machine from the start. I ran an SD system for some 
years before I moved to HD, and my SD experience included many dead-ends and 
wrong turns, so I now have a lot of hardware sitting around unused, or used 
for other purposes than Myth.

So my total expenditure is not what it would cost to build an HD system from 
scratch. I suspect I am far from alone in this.

I also used equipment I had from other projects.

The cost for an HD system is dependent on what signal sources you have 
available, cable TV, satellite, one of the many DVB variants etc.

Today I would buy an HDHR for QAM and OTA capture, and/or an HD-PVR-1212 for 
satellite capture, a reasonable server for a backend and a Revo for a 

That would be $200 for the Revo, $189 (or so) for an HDHR, the same price for 
a 1212 and probably $400 for a refurbished server machine for a backend.

Call it $800 for a complete two-piece HD Myth system. It would be cheaper if 
you were to go with a combo BE/FE, and if no 1212 was required, even less.

Judidious Ebaying could get the cost down even more, as would used equipment.

Brian Wood
beww at beww.org

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