[mythtv-users] MythCloud/Grid

Thomas Lloyd thomaslloyd at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 23 22:50:41 UTC 2009

Hi All,

After the latest very thought invoking talk at Birmingham University on
cloud computing my mind got working on uses of cloud computing. I lack a
spare server room full of unused computing hardware in my flat so I
thought about how I could have a play with a cloud. I came across the
eucalyptus project that now brings private clouds to ubuntu 9.04+. For
those curious about having a play with a cloud then you can get a free
trial here, at no cost:


Brilliant but I still wanted to think of a useful end user cloud use, I
can see where it is useful for organisations with terabytes of
information to processes but can it be useful to the home user, actually
get something back from it.

So I thought what computing application in the home could benefit from
having huge amounts of resources available to it worldwide. Where is
there hardware than tends to not have heavy use and is switched on all
day. I already have one of those machines in my house, wasting clock
cycles and storage space and its hardware capabilities. A HTPC running
mythTV, what I would like to do implement a MythCloud/Grid/DSN.

This would share spare cpu cycles for processing video, spare storage
space and any capture hardware. This would allow users to share
resources from home in a global network. Using a centralised management
service and a method of distributing files globally. 

The implementation is an interesting talking point for discussion and I
have started one here:

If you use myth and would be interested in contributing in anyway in to
the implementation of the project then please join the discussion group.

This is just a dream but you could make it a reality


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