[mythtv-users] Lack of any EIT guide info

Richard Martin bobthekingofegypt at googlemail.com
Mon Nov 23 22:34:30 UTC 2009


After 11 oclock on saturday I have not recieved any EIT data in
mythtv.  I don't know if this issue actually happened a couple of
weeks back when I last updated and I've just been running with
previous listing data untill now, but it's all broken now.

I just get unknown for everything and every channel.  I was tracking
svn without issues and I think the last time I upgraded was a couple
of weeks back at least.  I didn't do anything to any of my config
option it just seems to have stopped picking up data.  I don't really
know where to look since I didn't change anything.  I tried pdating to
.22 final, which is not showing listing data but everything else is
working fine.

I ran a mythfilldatabase and the system status page under listing says
the result was successful and there is guide data until 2038-05-05
23:25.  I don't know if that is related but it seems a bit weird

Anyone have any ideas?


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