[mythtv-users] For HD Myth users, what is/was your cost?

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> I am curious what the total cost is/was for you to get everything up and running (asides from time, which depending on whom you 
> are may be the priciest...). 
> So for example, an HD capture card, a capable backend, the frontend(s) of course, the subscription to a provider and/or an 
>antenna-- and if an antenna, did you do it yourself? Order it online, buy from a shop, hire someone to install, etc.? Not necessarily 
> asking for the life story but some brief explanation of the components as I'm really trying to get a gauge on what entering this 
> arena may cost me, and whether it's /worth/ it or not... 

There are so many ways to go. 

My first MythBox, which could capture HD but couldn't reliably stream it because of audio issues, I literally found in the trash. (Since then I've found in the trash better systems than the new MythBox I built up last year. Go figure.) 

Modest starter set: 

You can turn a single-core Pentium 4 /3 GHz with 1 GB of memory that you found at a thrift shop into a MythBox. You'll need to add a modest video card (nVIDIA 5200, AGP or PCIe 16, under $40), and a modest capture card (under $60 for the Hauppague HVR-1250). And a nice hard drive; a 500 Gb SATA drive you find on special for under $50 will hold 60 plus hours of HD content. 


Dual core system -- Intel or AMD -- with 2 GB of RAM. DVD burner for making DVDs. Motherboard or graphics card with HDMI output. nVIDIA graphics that can support VDPAU. Multiple tuners, including an analog model for capturing from cheap STBs. 

Subscriptions and such: 

I get Comcast cable. My TV antenna can actually get a fair amount of channels but I haven't tried integrating that into Myth. 

Schedules Direct charges $20 a year for TV schedule downloads, customized to your area and signal source (cable, antenna, etc.). 
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