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> ex OT: Nokia N900
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>> Changing it to be a control interface would appeal to many more users (I
>>> would think)
>  Not to me.  I already have a remote and don't feel any need to use my cell
>> phone as one.
> It does for me, having one less remote control that works from more places
> is of great appeal for me.  Each user could then have their own personal
> remote.
> I've been thinking about a webpage (maybe AJAX) that's linked to the telnet
> controls, that could be called from any browser on any device....  I've not
> yet looked into interfacing a webpage into telnet but expect it can somehow
> be done?  Perhaps someone here can comment?
> Votes and Comments welcomed!

MythDroid (http://code.google.com/p/mythdroid/ - it's not on the market)
worked pretty well on my Motorola Droid phone in 0.21, but it doesn't work
with 0.22 though there's a note on the webpage saying changes to make it
work with 0.22 are minimal.  I'm not sure how often this is updated, I might
take a look at it myself at some point.

One other problem I had with it is that I have a menu to select recording
group show up as you enter watch recordings and a menu when you exit
recordings (as I usually delete right after watching something it's
convenient) and mythdroid didn't handle those correctly.  Other than that it
was good, even if for me in more of a "look what my new phone can do" kind
of way.

There's another one that is in the market but it didn't work at all.
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