[mythtv-users] Moving to Storage Group (0.21-fixes)

Johnny jarpublic at gmail.com
Mon Nov 23 18:09:40 UTC 2009

> You would be better served by making the recordings directory use a complete
> partition reserved for that use alone. If you want to use some portion of
> the *disk* for videos, music, whatever, it would be better to create
> /mnt/sdb2, /mnt/sdb3, etc and assign those.
> This means that the backend would not have to manage space which contained
> "foreign" files in it not under it's control. The other way works; it means
> you have to increase the "extra space" parameter in mythtv-setup and you
> would have to manually manage the partition space yourself.

I would disagree with this, although it is admittedly a personal
preference issue. Creating separate partitions requires you to
preallocate how you want the space divided up between your media. If
you get it wrong or things change later, then you have to move files
around and then resize partitions, and some of the filesystems like
XFS are not very amenable to being shrunk. There is only an issue if
you drive is completely full. For me, I would rather just delete and
move some files rather than doing that in addition to resizing
partitions and filesystems. If your drive is usually completely full
and you are frequently making large changes to your music/video
collection then it may be more convenient to keep them separate. But
there is a trade off. That unused space on your other partitions can't
be used for recordings.

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