[mythtv-users] USB Flash Memory for boot/system. What is fast enough?

Preston Crow pc-mythtv08a at crowcastle.net
Mon Nov 23 17:36:32 UTC 2009

On Mon, 2009-11-23 at 11:29 -0600, Andrew Close wrote:
> well, i guess i'll skip the USB Flash for the moment and go straight
> to netboot.  i do have an 8GB USB Flash key available if i can't get
> netboot working, but it sounds like netboot is the way to go and will
> save me a little bit of money.

There are some thumb drives that have eSATA in addition to USB.  I'm
interested in going that route so that the interface won't be a
bottleneck.  Unfortunately, I'm under the impression that most flash
drives are made with slow flash, and until the market matures,
comparison shopping and determining requirements is tough.

I'm interested in doing 32GB for my boot, binaries, and database
partition, but I'm not convinced that the current cheap flash is faster
than my drive, so I'll probably hold off until my current drive is too

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