[mythtv-users] Multytenne Dish and MythTV 0.22

Jos Hoekstra joshoekstra at gmx.net
Mon Nov 23 17:28:42 UTC 2009

Mike Perkins schreef op 23-11-2009 17:45:
> Jos Hoekstra wrote:
>> belcampo schreef op 23-11-2009 14:57:
>>> I've got multiple LNB's 1 on Astra 19.2 (NED123 ARD ZDF WDR Arte TV5 
>>> BBC World etc.) and Astra 28.2 (BBC 1-2-3 Four HD, Channel Five, ITV 
>>> etc) works like a charm.
>> With a multytenne dish or something like triax?
> Multiple LNBs/multiple feeds, if I read belcampo right. From the web 
> page you linked, it appears that the multytenne has a single feed, which 
> means you can only record from one sat at any time.
2 variations:
quad-lnb-builtin disecg 1 output
quad-lnb-builtin disecq 2 output

The attractiveness of this dish would be that it's relatively small(ie 
around 45x45 + LNB) and that it has a (fixed) astra 1,2,3 + hotbird 
setup. In other words, small dish, so no complaining neighbours(I live 
in an appartment) and the possibilities I need/want.

However I can only find troubles with this, the disecq switch not 
working being one of them. That would defeat the whole purpose of this 

So, any users out there with this dish?

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