[mythtv-users] USB Flash Memory for boot/system. What is fast enough?

Travis Tabbal travis at tabbal.net
Mon Nov 23 15:38:36 UTC 2009

On Mon, Nov 23, 2009 at 8:27 AM, Andrew Close <aclose at gmail.com> wrote:

> thanks for the reply and the pointers.  netbooting probably is the
> next logical step, but i figured the USB stick would be easier for a
> novice.  i'll definitely check out the link you shared and look up
> netbooting as well.  maybe it'll save me an extra $30. :)

That would be my sugestion as well. I have done it with an 8GB OCZ Rally2
USB stick, and it worked fine. I only had one problem with that method, the
USB stick would sometimes decide not to enumerate on boot, so I wouldn't
have a boot drive. I would have to pull the stick and re-insert to reset it
for it to work again. I asked OCZ about it, but all they had to say was "we
don't recommend booting from USB flash drives". Other than that one little
glitch that I'd only see once a month or so, it worked fine and the stick is
quite fast as those things go.

I switched to netbooting and haven't looked back. I don't run swap on either
of my frontends. RAM is cheap enough that I just put in a little extra and
it works fine without swap. One of my frontends only has 1GB and it's fine.
It doesn't have shared video memory though, that machine is using a video
card so I can use VDPAU. The one with an onboard video card has 2GB with
512M for video. All data is accessed over gigabit ethernet. The Mythbuntu
distro makes it really easy to set up netbooting. I'm sure there are ways to
do it on the others as well, that's just the distro I happened to be using
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