[mythtv-users] Why does mythtv responds to lirc when in the background?

Dan Wilga mythtv-users2 at dwilga-linux1.amherst.edu
Mon Nov 23 15:05:05 UTC 2009

At 4:46 PM -0500 11/21/09, David Smiley wrote:
>1. mythfrontend doesn't respond to my remote control for the first 
>two minutes or so from having launched it.

Are you sure this isn't due to you having just turned on your LCD TV? 
This sounds very similar to what I see when my remote's batteries are 
a little bit weak: the flickering of the TV's backlight for the first 
two minutes or so after being turned on overpowers the IR signal from 
the remote. After that time, the backlight settles down and the 
remote works normally.
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