[mythtv-users] "Deleted recordings" group missing (and show mysteriously deleted) -WAF rapidly dropping

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Mon Nov 23 03:53:39 UTC 2009

On 11/22/2009 09:59 PM, Marc Randolph wrote:
> Howdy all,
> For a few different reasons, my production box is still running 0.21.  
> I know, I know... I want/plan to move it to 0.22 ASAP as soon as I get 
> a few other things out of the way.  But you can forgive that 
> transgression and help make the world a better place,

0.21-fixes isn't really a problem, yet.  If you were running 0.20-fixes 
or below, it would be a whole different thing trying to figure out 
what's going on.  :)

> I'm trying to determine two things:
> (1) figure out where a recording went (the only place I can find it 
> listed is in the "previously recorded" list on the front-end.  It 
> doesn't appear to be on the filesystem, nor is it listed as previously 
> recorded on mythweb).  The show shows up in the OldRecorded table in 
> the database, but doing a wildcard search across all tables turns up 
> no other hits.  I'm 99% certain that it was in the recorded programs 
> list and now it is not.  I'm guessing that someone hit delete on the 
> show, which is no big deal, because I can go fish it out of the 
> deleted recordings group... which brings us to the second problem:
> (2) Figure out why I don't seem to have a "deleted recordings" 
> group/filter in the Watch Recordings screen.  I have "auto-expire 
> rather than delete" turned on, and I think I remember using that 
> feature ages ago.  But there is no group.
> Any ideas?  I'm actually somewhat more concerned about #2.
> Thank you!

You only have a Deleted recording group if you actually have deleted 
recordings (i.e. recordings that are assigned to that recording group).

My guess is that your file system(s) filled up and Myth began expiring 
LiveTV, ran out, then started expiring recordings--including all of the 
ones in the Deleted recording group (at which point you no longer have a 
Deleted recgroup, until you next delete a recording)--and when it ran 
out of recordings in the Deleted recording group, it started expiring 
recordings from other recording groups.  At this point, it expired the 
show you're now missing.

Solution: more drive space?

Then again, maybe some of your file systems aren't properly mounted 
right now or weren't at the time when the big expiration occurred?  Or 
something other than Myth started filling up space on your file 
system(s) or ...

Check your backend logs to see if it went on a kick expiring a bunch of 
stuff.  Also check the file system(s) to see if any one of them is full.


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