[mythtv-users] OT: Nokia N900

genestapp at charter.net genestapp at charter.net
Sun Nov 22 23:09:17 UTC 2009

>>the only real issue for me was that all my recordings needed to be 
>>transcoded down to play on the tablet, and that mad them look crap on the 

>Yeah, it would need on the fly transcoding to the right size and codec for 
>the device requiring extension tot the protocol and much backend work I 
>would think. 

I also have an n800 and you guys should check out the Media-utils package for on the fly transcoding. http://mediautils.garage.maemo.org/  It works really well for video and I love it on my n800. It can stream realtime based on whatever quality you choose or transcode for you quickly to a saved area on the n800/810.  I would think this could be integrated into myth somehow for this exact purpose.


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