[mythtv-users] .srt subtitles with .22 internal player?

Duncan Brown mythtv at duncb.co.uk
Sun Nov 22 16:11:02 UTC 2009

On 22/11/2009 15:53, Carl-Magnus Björkell wrote:
> Hey all,
> As far as I've understood from the wiki and various posts on the web and
> this mailing list, it should be possible to get mythvideo (at least in
> .22) to show .srt subtitles for given videos? Mind you that at least I
> haven't been able to find any definitive answer to this question.
> My problem is, as you may have guessed, that I'm not able to show any
> subtitles in mythvideo. What I've tried so far:
> * The .srt is the same name as the video. (only different filename
> extension)
> * The "automatically show captions" checkbox has been checked in the
> setup screens
> * I've tried pressing 'T' like crazy when the video has started playing,
> but all I get is "No captions"
> * 'mythfrontend -v playback | grep -i srt' gives me nothing
> So, should this even be possible with 0.22-fixes? And if so, could
> anyone give me a hint as to what I'm doing wrong?
> As a side question, is the internal player able to handle embedded
> subtitles yet? Such as embedded in .mkv's and the like?
> I would really want to get rid of mplayer as and external player and
> just use the internal player, but not being able to se subtitles for
> archived material really is a stopper for me :/
> -Calle
> (P.S I'm sending this again, as apparently thunderbird was a bit to
> bright for _my_ own good and used some of the mail headers from another
> thread, causing the mail to be put in another thread. Sorry for this. D.S)
No help here, just a 'me too'. Seeing the same behaviour with .idx and 
.sub files too


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