[mythtv-users] Working around a lack of a IR Blaster

stefan_jones at comcast.net stefan_jones at comcast.net
Sun Nov 22 06:43:26 UTC 2009

I don't have a working IR Blaster but want to record a few select shows. 

Shouldn't this work? 

Set up Analog video tuner card. 

Configure Input Connection to set tuner to a given channel (3). 

Connect output of STB to tuner. Set the STB to the desired channel. 

Put some dummy command in the outside tuner command line. 

Record anything in the appropriate time slot to make the tuner record from the STB for the appropriate length of time. 

Now, I tried this out this afternoon. First I tried watching Live TV on the Analog tuner. I saw the appropriate channel . . . the one that the STB was tuned to. 

Then I tried a test record. No dice. If I'm looking at the right messages, another (digital) channel tried to tune in. 

Do I need to "scrub" the channels for the video source so they have no tuning information? It seems to me that the Input Connection's channels just need to supply a channel number . . . no tuning information that might cause a digital tuner to try to take over. 

Any ideas welcome. 

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