[mythtv-users] Lesson Learned from my Upgrade from Jaunty To Karmic...

David Herman dherman516 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 22 02:30:58 UTC 2009

I was running Jaunty with trunk for ever (really, forever -- at least as
long as Jaunty was out).
When I upgraded, I did the old, back up the database, reformat the hard
drive and install path.

An interesting thing happened... For some obscene reason, my mythconverg
database chose to be case sensitve. One may wonder what the big deal is, but
all over the myth code, people were not consistant in DBSchemaVer (as well
as other settiings).. So everytime I would bring up a frontend, it went and
tried to upgrade, but since it could not find the version, it flipped out
and started hacking away at my data. I ultimately did a PARTIAL recover and
that seemed to fix things (of course, I had to drop the database first,
rerun mythtv-setup, re-add my tuners, channels, etc...). I still do not
understand what happened to change the behavior of Mysql during this process

I am not trying to throw stones, so please don't take offense. I realize
people are spending time away from loved ones when they donate their time to
this project. I think this project is by far one of the best collaborative
efforts I have been a user of.

I propose two things. 1) Don't mix case in any setting in the settings
table. 2) An effort be made to change every reference in code to lowercase
values for items in the settings table.

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