[mythtv-users] Channel Scanner - locks at channel 41

Mike McMullin mwmcmlln at mnsi.net
Sat Nov 21 06:22:40 UTC 2009

  Below quoted from another thread:

Yes.  Specifically, the channel scanner was basically rewritten from 
scratch for 0.22 to fix a ton of problems in the old channel scanner.
/lot/ of testing was done by the developers to ensure it worked
with the broadcasts to which they had access.  Those who receive 
broadcasts very different from the broadcasts the developers were able 
to test need to help us fix the new channel scanner to work with their 
broadcasts (rather than just complaining about change).

However, based on your e-mail address, I'm guessing you just need to
a different tool that supports the as-yet-unsupported by MythTV SCTE65 
standard.  See http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Comcast_Users_And_scte65scan .

And, yes, I could have suggested that to you even without the "New 
Channel Scanner is really annoying" and "for cripes sake!" 
complaints--i.e. if you showed a little bit more respect for the people 
who invested a lot of their time to improve things (especially since 
what's causing you problems, now, is not so much 0.22, but your cable 
company's having changed the way it's doing things).


-----------end quote-------------

  I did and install of openSuSE 11.2 and set up mythtv (0.22), but when
it did the channel scanning it choked at 41, normally we have about 65
different cable channels.
  What info and where can I find, would be useful for debugging/opening
a ticket on the problem?

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