[mythtv-users] mythweb header information error

Mark Boyum mark at boyum.us
Fri Nov 20 17:55:27 UTC 2009

> I think mythweather isn't installed right. You're missing the
> weatherscreens table (and probably other tables as well. Try to remove
> mythweather and see if that fixes it. If it does, try to reinstall
> mythweather.
> And remove the line you added before: var_export(build_backtrace(false));

No change after removing mythweather.  I have also removed and re-installed
mythweb via the Mythbuntu Control Centre with no luck.  Are there any steps
that can be taken to completely clean the system of any traces of mythweb
after removing the package?  I'm guessing that there is something being left
behind after I remove it.
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