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Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Fri Nov 20 15:16:02 UTC 2009

On Friday 20 November 2009 07:59:31 Johnny Walker wrote:
> 'Linux' was taken - as was 'OPN SRC' - which almost made me swerve off
> the road while cheering. 'NULL' was available for a while but I guess
> I missed my opportunity.
> 'Tomcat' and 'Apache' were taken - so failing all of those 'MythTv' is
> my favorite Open Source project.
> I played with the idea of JDK1.6 or something but Sun doesn't need my
> support.

I once saw a Colorado plate "RD1TK2". I wasn't sure if it referred to the 
infamous "ready one, take two" in the TV industry, then I noticed the plate 
frame said "Ikegami", so I was sure. (Ikegami makes broadcast cameras and 
monitors. They tried making consumer computer monitors many years ago, but 
people wouldn't pay the price premium to get a very high quality monitor).

California is probably the home of the best vanity plates, probably because 
they allow 7 (actually 7-1/2) characters. Most of the computer-related ones 
are taken, no doubt because of the high number of computer-aware drivers.

My favorite California plate was:


Followed closely by:

GR84AD8, driven by a typical California blonde woman.

Wyoming plates have a number representing the county on the left. Since I live 
in Laramie County (number 2), a lot of plates like "2 FAST", "2 COOL" etc. 
are around. It's like getting a free word. Sweetwater County (number 4) has a 
similar situation.

My plate is actually "2 UNIX".

To show you how backward Wyoming is, it was only recently that they stopped 
issuing new plates every year, and went to renewal stickers. 

Brian Wood
beww at beww.org

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